Sally Rose

Oh dear, I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping up with my blog! I intended to write a post with every new job I published, but that hasn’t happened at all! Bad Catherine. I’m going to try harder…promise!

To kick things off I’d like to talk about a wonderful client I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few months; Sally Rose. 
Sally first got in touch with me in December, as to wether I’d be interested in retouching a backlog of shoots she had. Of course I was up to the job, and we began! I was sent five shoots in total, and with each one I thought “Okay, this is definitely my favourite” but then I was sent the next one! I just love the way Sally works with natural light. Her use of colour is wonderful, and she worked with some fantastic teams.
Fun fact: Sally and I actually studied the same course at the same University, but were a few years apart! 

I’ll post a few selects from each shoot, and the rest can be seen on my main site, as well as Sally’s. 

Shoot #1
Photographer: Sally Rose
Model: Sally B @ BRAZEN Models
Makeup: Claire Warmenhoven
Styling: Jess Colman
Retouching: Catherine Day

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Shoot #2
Lucy’s Magazine ‘Secret Garden’ 
Photographer: Sally Rose 
Models: Amy Gee and Marijana Radmanović @ London MGT 
MUA: Maria Irving 
Stylist: Jess Colman
Retouching: Catherine Day

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Shoot #3
Photographer: Sally Rose 
Model: Jessica Towner @ London Management 
Make up: Sarah Baxter @ Rokk Ebony 
Hair: Naomi Stewart @ Rokk Ebony 
Styling: Benjamin Bates
Retouching: Catherine Day

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Shoot #4
Photographer: Sally Rose
Model: Rachel Tee Tyler
Hair and Makeup: Kathryn Sambo
Styling: Tidbit Sydney
Retouching: Catherine Day

I think this is my favourite photo out of all of the ones Sally sent me!

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Shoot #5
Photographer: Sally Rose
Model: Chantal Curm @ Wink Models
Hair & Makeup: Kathryn Sambo
Styling: Tidbit Sydney
Retouching: Catherine Day

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Naya Part II

After retouching the images in my previous blog post, I was asked to retouch the second part of this gorgeous jewellery collection. Again, the lighting is just beautiful, and this time we went for soft, muted purples and pinks throughout the colour palette, which complements the previous images nicely!


Photographer: Vikram Kushwah
Jewellery: Ananya Malhotra
Retouching: Catherine Day


This is a beautiful set I was asked to retouch recently. The jewellery designer is Ananya Malhotra and her latest collection ‘Naya’ has just showcased at Evoluzione, Chennai. 

The photographer, Vikram Kushwah, played with the light beautifully. I adore the beautiful dapples of light (some of which I was asked to create, some of which were natural, can you guess which are which?) I’m so happy with how the colouring came out; mint green and candy pink are not two colours that I would have thought I’d be keen on (I wear pretty much nothing but black!) but turns out I’m rather obsessed with how pretty they look together.

Photographer: Vikram Kushwah
Jewellery: Ananya Malhotra
Retouching: Catherine Day

On Garde

This was a last minute job that I’ve been looking forward to sharing, and I’ve just been given the go ahead!

This editorial was a lot of fun to retouch, not only due to the images themselves (I love the styling!) but the fact that the folks over at Paper Mag are incredibly lovely and fun to work with. The retouch style they requested is heavier on the skin than I’m accustomed to, so it was fun embracing something new!

So anyway, here’s the editorial! Just look at that amazing jumpsuit…

PAPER Mag Winter 2015 ‘Fandemonium” 
Photographer: Vijat Mohindra
Model: Paris Hilton
Styling: Sammy K at Cloutier Remix
Makeup: Sharon Gault at Opus Beauty
using Nars
Makeup Assistant: Sean Harris
Hair: Tony Medina
Manicure: Maya Apple
Art Department: Oscar Hernandez
Set Design: Pierre Brodeur for Off
Producer: Leah Blewitt
Fashion Editor: J. Logan Horne
Retouching: Catherine Day

Phoenix From the Ashes

I used to have a photography blog and would keep it pretty up to date, and I was also pretty active on social media. Until I wasn’t. I’m not sure what happened; I think it was a mixture of settling down with my life, as well as getting sick of all the gossip and general bitchiness and ass kissing! (It’s a well known fact, everyone hates Facebook.) I stuck to Instagram, but seemed to steer away from posting much of my work, again I’m not sure why! 

I really miss having discussions and general chit chat with other creatives, so I’m coming out of hiding (or attempting to anyway!) with a revamped website and new blog. 

I’ve just received the go-ahead to share these images as they’ve been out for a couple of weeks now, so thought what better way to kick off my first blog post!

At the end of August, Phoenix Magazine approached me asking whether I’d be up for retouching their latest cover and story with Foxes. I said yes and once I saw the images I knew it was going to be a fun job!
I love the retro feel to the makeup and styling, with the juxtaposition of latex (who doesn’t love a pair of latex cat ears?!) alongside the lighting (just check out those black and white shots, yum!) and bright colours, I was more than happy. 

A few days passed and they approached me again, to see if I’d be up for retouching the second cover for the same issue (I love it when magazines do that!) So of course, I said yes. And was greeted by the face of Nick Jonas looking rather thoughtful. I really love this cover as I’m having a bit of a love affair with black, white and gold at the moment (I’m currently revamping my office to reflect this!)

Phoenix Magazine AW 15
Photographer: Mike Blackett 
Model: Foxes 
Make Up: Scarlett Burton 
Hair Stylist: Elvire Roux 
Stylist: Karl Willett 
Fashion Assistants: Leanne Ma and Louise Stagg 
Photographer’s Assistant: Neil Payne

Phoenix Magazine AW 15
Photographer: Gitte Meldgaard
Model: Nick Jonas
Stylist: Avo Yermagyan
Grooming: Marissa Machado
Photographers Assistant: Chase Brock
Retouching: Catherine Day

I loved this job, the images were a lot of fun to work on. Plus everyone involved turned out to be really lovely, and working with them was an absolute pleasure! Which is always a bonus ;)

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